Musings: Elections.

Waiting for Raila to concede defeat, so life can resume back to normal. Most businesses are closed as people fear a recurrence of 2007 post election violence. What are your thoughts on the elections? Anyone? Results will be announced on the 14th but I think in my opinion, Raila should concede defeat as Uhuru is… Continue reading Musings: Elections.

The Race.

Books and more books: The Book of God.

Book Name:  The Book Of God Author: Walter Wangerin No. of Pages: 851 Genre: Religion Publisher: Lion Publishing plc The most significant decisions  must be made in private. The hardest knots must be loosed in solitary prayer - Walter Wangerin Walter Wangerin writes this amazing book, the Bible as a novel and I particularly love… Continue reading Books and more books: The Book of God.


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People who have trust issues

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Trust is the building block of any relationship, be it with your parents, siblings, your friends, people you meet in your professional life and most importantly with the person you intend to spend your entire life.

Humans are capable to build life long bonds with other humans, despite the occasional differences.

However, it’s not the bonding that one forms with another person that develops over a long period of time that has a profound impact in our lives – ironically, it’s the betrayal of trust that causes a lot of damage to the relationship and the unpleasant memory lasts for many years.

This post, as most articles I write, is not meant to be a bashing of people who betray your trust. Instead, I explore the root cause of why we experience pain and can’t get over betrayal of trust.

My approach in life has been to trust everyone unless…

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The Race.

A date du jour

This post stems from the bottom of a journal. I never thought it would see the light of day, but here I am publishing it. It's raw. Or maybe not. It hurts. Unrequited love. Personally never been here before. Is not being noticed by a crush count? Unrequited love. Does it mean you don't esteem… Continue reading A date du jour


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