Wazee hukumbuka.

Somehow, I still can't find the toolbar, but that's no cause for worry.I'm sure it will emerge sometime. I thought I found it but I didn't. That is neither here nor there. Dating? I don't see much of that going on. Today is a friday and boy I can attest to this. Nothing much here.... Continue Reading →



I am not having a good evening, I am having my exams and my Statistics paper today happened to be a sought of  mental terrorist attack. At some point I was petrified, but I did my optimal best. My brain was so hot I thought it was melting. The paper, Theory of Estimation, turned to... Continue Reading →

The Week That Has Been.

Last week has been a busy week, starting with cats( continous assessment test)  ending with a Church Conference, Redeemed Christian Church of God held in Karen, Nairobi. Calculators were getting misplaced, found and displaced. SMP tables and all kinds of statistical tables were flying around the whole place,  so I didn't really posts anything  since... Continue Reading →

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