I yearned for an inkling of your love. Misleading brazenness for interest. Deriliously basking in your laugh. Long stares, hot flushes, sweaty palms, I soaked in your ethereal beuty.   Oh! How tables turn. Those at the top of the tree are now at the bottom For all that has now passed to me Leaving … Continue reading Mirage.


This Race.

This post might get to you quite late, but as we say, at least it showed up. Better late than never. 3 years ago on the 25th of December, I received Christ in my life. Ain’t that great? He and I celebrate a birthday. Before Christ I thought the Bible was a collection of stories. … Continue reading This Race.


I have it all planned out what I should publish Been thinking about it throughout Doubting it, I roll it into the trash I get cold feet.   If it's great, the flames might tell they'll flicker away quick selfishly wanting to conceal the secrets,   flames dancing, taunting knowing that they die soon leaving … Continue reading Flames.