I yearned for an inkling of your love. Misleading brazenness for interest. Deriliously basking in your laugh. Long stares, hot flushes, sweaty palms, I soaked in your ethereal beuty.   Oh! How tables turn. Those at the top of the tree are now at the bottom For all that has now passed to me Leaving... Continue Reading →


This post might get to you quite late, but as we say, at least it showed up. Better late than never. 3 years ago on the 25th of December, I received Christ in my life. Ain’t that great? He and I celebrate a birthday. Before Christ I thought the Bible was a collection of stories.... Continue Reading →


I have it all planned out what I should publish Been thinking about it throughout Doubting it, I roll it into the trash I get cold feet.   If it's great, the flames might tell they'll flicker away quick selfishly wanting to conceal the secrets,   flames dancing, taunting knowing that they die soon leaving... Continue Reading →

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