The One Who Went Away.

Words not heard, not written, We were supposed to know them, right? Paths not followed, not trodden Venturing into them, a plan not so tight. The past hangs like a cloud Over what was never said What was seen on platforms Platforms meant for fun but still All is fair in love and war till... Continue Reading →


Random Thoughts.

An ember's glowing red, The heart lies, emotions lie. Falling into the heart's trap is fanning the glowing ember, which precedes a fire. So is texting an Ex in  bid to square matters. You don't want him  back. You also want him to be ok. Only Ok is with you. The heart is deceitful above... Continue Reading →


I yearned for an inkling of your love. Misleading brazenness for interest. Deriliously basking in your laugh. Long stares, hot flushes, sweaty palms, I soaked in your ethereal beuty.   Oh! How tables turn. Those at the top of the tree are now at the bottom For all that has now passed to me Leaving... Continue Reading →

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