Musings: Elections.

Waiting for Raila to concede defeat, so life can resume back to normal. Most businesses are closed as people fear a recurrence of 2007 post election violence. What are your thoughts on the elections? Anyone?

Results will be announced on the 14th but I think in my opinion, Raila should concede defeat as Uhuru is leading with a big margin, close to 2 million votes or more.

The good thing is Kenyans have been very peaceful. There’s definitely change from the 2007 and 2013 elections.

The International and European union have been actively involved in releasing press talks as to how the IEBC handled the elections. This is a good thing as at times it’s hard to see the frame when you are in the picture. Apart from that, they also have their own personal interest as well of those of Kenyans.

Tyranny of numbers at work. Raila should, in my opinion, retire from active politics and develop Kenya from another angle. Kikuyu and kalenjins are the most populous tribes in Kenya. People are first loyal to God, then to their tribes. This was a given lose.

Anyway I want this whole process to be done. Life feels like its on hold. Kenya is bigger than Raila. There’s no way he can win this one. Asiyekubali kushindwa si mshindani.


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