Books and more books: The Book of God.

Walter Wangerin

Book Name:  The Book Of God

Author: Walter Wangerin

No. of Pages: 851

Genre: Religion

Publisher: Lion Publishing plc

The most significant decisions  must be made in private. The hardest knots must be loosed in solitary prayer – Walter Wangerin

Walter Wangerin writes this amazing book, the Bible as a novel and I particularly love the poetic justice in this book.  Andrew the disciple depicted as shy and almost agoraphobic really tugs at my  heart strings. Jesus especially says to Simon and Andrew,” Unto you it is given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven. But to those who are outside, I will always speak in parables so that seeing they may not see and hearing  they may not understand.”

Andrew is overcome with loneliness as he doesn’t understand the parable of the sower, such that Jesus  explains the parable to them . But what I love is that when they are parting, he tells them to go home and sleep,”You are mine, you needn’t worry.”

Because blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, they shall be filled.

The disciples of John, sent by John asks Him if He is the one  to come or should they wait for another? Jesus answers that they should tell him of the signs, the blind see, the lame walk; then he says,” THere is no one  born of women greater than John, yet those who are least in the kingdom of God are greater than John.” The least are greater than John, Mary Magdalene  turned that difficult word over many times in her mind. Like I have always done.

The Bible as a novel  tells the story from the Ancestors(partriachs), the Covenant, The Wars of the Lord, Kings, Prophets, Letters from exile, The yearning to The Messiah. What I particularly is His knowledge on the culture  and historic background of the hebrews, jews, Assyrians etc. His vivid description of places, events and peopls. Its a nice and captivating book though not the best I have read so far. This book has kept me busy in the month of July between travelling and school work.

I would recommend this book to anyone willing to deepen their knowledge on the Bible and view it from another perspective.


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