I see them packed, stacked Little cards, Small anecdotes of places gone. Jobs applied, jobs gotten, Tiny footsteps, Drawing their paths to success. Immeasurable success. Indefinable contentment. Where do my own lead?


Political Commentary: Kenya

RUTO vs RAILA. IS IT TIME TO DECLARE THE WINNER? The mention of Raila sends chills down the spine of historical land grabbers,extra judicial killers,corrupt and well known swindlers of government money, albeit equal amount of mud slung to him. Enigma or doyen are the adjectives thought to best describe Raila as a figure in… Continue reading Political Commentary: Kenya


A Star Defies Nature For Jesus



WOMAN, Thou Art LOOSED! : Book Review.

Title: Woman Thou Art Loosed. Author: Bishop T.D Jakes Pages:175 Genre: Christian Publisher: WorldAlive For many women, the greatest tragedy is not the injury or injustice itself but the incapacitated soul left in its wake. ~ T.D Jakes. Bishop Jakes writes to women echoing the words of Jesus in Luke 13:11-12, "Woman thou art loosed."… Continue reading WOMAN, Thou Art LOOSED! : Book Review.


“All You Need Is Love” – Zoodles, Part 4. Chocoodles.



Musings: Elections.

Waiting for Raila to concede defeat, so life can resume back to normal. Most businesses are closed as people fear a recurrence of 2007 post election violence. What are your thoughts on the elections? Anyone? Results will be announced on the 14th but I think in my opinion, Raila should concede defeat as Uhuru is… Continue reading Musings: Elections.

The Race.

Books and more books: The Book of God.

Book Name:  The Book Of God Author: Walter Wangerin No. of Pages: 851 Genre: Religion Publisher: Lion Publishing plc The most significant decisions  must be made in private. The hardest knots must be loosed in solitary prayer - Walter Wangerin Walter Wangerin writes this amazing book, the Bible as a novel and I particularly love… Continue reading Books and more books: The Book of God.


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