A date du jour

This post stems from the bottom of a journal. I never thought it would see the light of day, but here I am publishing it. It’s raw. Or maybe not.

It hurts. Unrequited love. Personally never been here before. Is not being noticed by a crush count?

Unrequited love. Does it mean you don’t esteem yourself? Food for thought. One would think that knowing ourselves, our self worth, we’d be able to make decisions pertaining to relationships.

But let’s give you some thumbs up, some credit. You are a hero for loving, because life can leave behind pretty scarred people. You are human and love is beautiful. You only receive it when you give it.

Did he/she sling you along? He/she was the coward, only cowards arouse love with no intention of following up. Hush then, let’s give you some future advice.

If it smells shady, it’s shady.

•If he doesn’t call, ask about your day, introduce you to his friends, include you in future plans, A date due jour you are.

•Don’t settle for breadcrumbing. If conversations, and dates are limited to online stuff. Run. Marriage might also be held on WhatsApp.

If he postpones your dates, A date du jour.

•If he doesn’t respect your faith or Salvation, call us. No. Call me. I’ll drag you outta there because I know leaving is hard.

•Love you. Esteem yourself. Being single is not bad. One of the greatest servitude to the body of Christ, life’s purpose and visions have been realised in the state of singleness.

You Don’t need a man /woman to complete you. You are whole, not single.

If the package delivered isn’t what you bargained for, feel free to send it back.

Listening to Open river wild by Hillsong

Reading The Book of God ( The Bible as a novel) by Walter Wangerin


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