I have been away. I know. I am not going to apologize. I don’t know when I’ll feel inspired to blog again but I definitely appreciate those who are missing me and wondering where I am.

On Monday I had an accident on the Nakuru- Nyeri highway. It was a personal car and I sat next to the driver. We hit one of those poles and the bonnet got really dented on my side of the vehicle. It’s in the garage and we’re getting it today. We were not injured and the trailer didn’t hit us, it was a pretty big trailer.

Throughout, I wasn’t scared but got really agitated when people crowded around us. The futility of life, that this body is vain, I don’t own it, anything could happen to it, really hit me. 

Either way I am alive because God’s not done with me. Nakuru- Nyeri highway or Nakuru- Eldoret highway is not the highway to be crashing, with so many black spots and it being used by most East African countries. 

He’s not done with me. One of the confessions I make every morning is that my parents shall not bury me because the power of life and death is on my tongue. His words shall I meditate upon and confess.

 I lost my 19 year old friend to a car crash and it’s the most painful ordeal I’ve gone through year 2016-2017.  Death literally robbed us. So many questions but it’s none of my business. I am still alive. Only last week did I finally say,”sleep well little girl”. Then we crashed into a post and my door wouldn’t open, on a busy road. 

Anyways we weren’t hurt, we get to drive that car another day and I give thanks to God. Actually after we crashed all we said is, ‘ thank you Jesus.’ In everything give thanks,  with prayer and supplication let your request be known to God.


Have a great weekend full of God’s blessings.


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  1. I’m delighted to hear you ok. Been in a few accidents and it’s never fun or easy. I’ve lost other friends in accidents that was harder. It gets easier day by day. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our friends but care in a different way. Relieved at hearing your good though and not seriously injured. Keep the good thoughts! 🙂

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