Listen. Read. Learn.

What up peeps? Been long since you’ve heard from me. Don’t worry, it’s been long since I heard from myself tooπŸ˜ƒ, and am with me all the time.

This blog has not been active because life became hectic. It’s slowing down now but might get busy. Such is life.I am currently in a moment of stillness. I want to hear from the Lord, rediscover myself and my purpose on earth. More so I want to be stronger in faith. 

This week Wednesday I did minister during a weekly programme and it was so awesome. I mean God is a wonderful God people, there’s nothing, no one like God. In this moment of stillness, I take time every morning to listen to a faith building message. As Terry Savelle Foy says, The most successful high achievers practice mind over mattresses.

The morning hours are the most productive hours. Take time to pray and start your day with the Lord. 

I listen to faith building messages almost every morning depending on what my schedule is. The most wonderful thing about this is that it propels your thinking and motivates you to know God’s plan and purpose.

What I have learnt is to be flexible to change and face problems as challenges. To know that change is inevitable and at any given time things might not proceed as planned but thank God   because my expectation shall not be cut short. 

I am learning to get out of the boat and walk on water. To leave fear of change, of the future, of circumstances behind because the Unchangeable Changer  is on the throne. All I have to do is ask if it’s Him calling, then step out the boat, because even though I sink, His hand’s always stretched towards me.

I have a great compilation of books to read, I have been writing them down from different sources; mostly blogs, podcasts, and other books. Investing in yourself takes time and money. It also takes determination, discipline books, and more books.

In highschool I read all the mills and boon, silhouette, and Intrigue romance novels because I a romantic β˜ΊπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‡πŸ˜. It helped me be articulate, eloquent and concise in creative writing then. I have passed that now, I read a romance novel once In a while though it takes everything in me to finish. 

Now I am after books that will help me grow, not bring to life hormones 😁. I’ll try and post about books when I get my act together first folks Because commitment is a struggle.
Peace and love to you all.❀

Have an awesome weekend full of God’s blessings.

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  1. You are reminding me of the importance of using my morning wisely. Sometimes it helps to talk to God before I get out of bed, cause life does get hectic. I have a pile of books I’ve started reading. My goal this week is to finish one. This evening, after dinner, I will read that one book for at least 30 minutes before I get back here to WP. Thanks for helping me prioritize.

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