Arguments that Kill Your Marriage

More Enigma Than Dogma Arguments that Kill your Marriageย by Paul Carter

Good Arguments, Bad Arguments:

โ€œIn a marriage there are good arguments and bad argumentsโ€ begins Paul Carter in his article, Arguments that Kill your Marriage. โ€œSome arguments are both necessary and helpful. An argument that settles an issue that has been an on-going source of tension is a good argumentโ€ฆ

But not every argument is a good argument. Some arguments are unhelpful and some arguments are downright deadly. In my experience the following 4 arguments should be avoided like the plague:

1. Arguments about arguments

Generally speaking, when you find yourself arguing about how you argue its time to seek pastoral or professional counsel. This is a bad road to go down.

Try having a conversation about the agreed upon rules for marital dialogue when you are not engaged in a particular conflict. When you are both in a goodโ€ฆ

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