What up peeps. Guess who’s finally showed up. I haven’t been able to blog much because of school but today I finally decided to give myself time off and am here. I have however been rolling up posts from IG to my blog through IFTT. I had an account there but wasn’t using until I Knew how; I asked my blogger friend, Tony Burgess how he does it.  You can look him up here So let’s catch up now.

IG Competition

Yes. I competed on Instagram and emerged second runners up (insert ululations). I had ignored the request to participate the competition till my sister suggested I did. It felt so good afterwards. I chicken out of competitions that are not academic related because that’s my forte but it encouraged to go out there and challenge myself. Check out my IG page if you want to see that.

My April-May goal was to have 1200 IG followers which I have now. The more people following, the more people I impact with the gospel so that’s a plus. Now I am to a new number. I love making monthly goals and tick them as I achieve them. The’re more of   to do list and to buy list. Those not attained are carried forward to the next month.

Blogs that I love.

I love my followers and their blog posts, at WordPress and outside. I’m always looking forward to hearing from them. Maybe because there’s a hidden aspect of me in them, or because we have common Interest. I haven’t really been following as much cos of school. Like you guys I think I should just shut up about being busy. I’ve seen Vice Presidents and High Court judges who are ushers in church, so how busy can I be? Ima get my act together. So let me go ahead and list them.

  1. Kizo Daniel’s Blog. This has to be the first. He’s a Christian blogger if you’re looking to grow in faith, then walk the walk with him here Still can’t believe his age. We are not supposed to be almost the same age, you’re not allowed to be so mature lol.
  2. Sowairina:Not at wordpress. She’s what mortivates me in my blogging. She combines faith, salvation and fashion with grace and elegance. Find her here.
  3. The Tig: This blog used to be Meaghan Markle’s, yeah, the famous Suits actress. She recently stopped and bid us farewell. I enjoyed her music selection as well as her humanitarian travels. I will miss her intensely.
  4. This is Ess: Not at WordPress. Find her here. She has not posted in a looong while. She’s a successful fashion and travel blogger from Kenya. If you’re looking for some inspiration, this is the place.
  5. Maths with bad drawings: In my course of study, this blog adds spice to it. Too much sauce.

I have to leave it at that. In my inactive state, I don’t have a bigger list am afraid but will soon be giving you an updated one

Learnt to do make up.

Guys as you can see from recent posts, my make up game is improving. While am still running to do head wraps and turbans, am getting really good at it. I finally started my natural hair journey. Like why in the world did I ever relax my hair?  People are like,” What you doing to your hair?”  I cannot believe that I have such great hair. I’m just so  in love. I’ll posts an updated picture of that soon. I could have transitioned early but had no idea what products to use. Thank God for You Tube although some products are not available in Kenya, there are alternatives. If you’re in Kenya or East Africa and wondering what products to use, ask me.


I’m  learning about mascara. Though I cry when I laugh at times. Trust me, lipsticks and mascara can be work.


These are people I follow that really make my day.  My ribs can’t help going back. My go to pages on Instagram.

  1. WestAfricanMan
  2. Thatyorubaguy

Well guys, that’s all I have time for today. Catch you all later.

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