Taking Stock 4.

Blog post coming right up!

I have not been posting us much because I got caught up but I am still alive and well you guys. I did however connect my blog to my Instagram to give life to this blog in my absentia. Life can get so busy but let me fill you in 🙂

Today was the day our school’s cultural week ended and I had fun. I got to vend snacks  to people at the showground! I did pretty good and wasn’t shy. I am a member  and leader of EUESSA(Egerton University Economics and Statistics Student Association) club, so I had to step up my game.

The last day of the cultural week is usually very fun as various tribes get to showcase their culture, food, dance, etc. My fave is usually a dance by the Abaluhya tribe. I think I dance more of their dance than ours lol 🙂

This year started with a 2 months more or less lecturer’s strike thus we are making up for lost time now, can’t be here in your faces all the time :).

Reading: The wait and Live Long Strong. I promised you reviews but I have barely had time for anything really, I try and read 20 minutes a day  when I can but Oh well!

Currently: Listening to Family Radio 316 and typing away, obviously:)

Spotting: My natural hair. I haven’t blowdried or relaxed my hair this year. Hallelujah! It’s really amazing how good am  getting doing it.

So guys I’ll try posting as  frequent as I can and keep up with y’alls posts. Have a great weekend folks 🙂



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