Arguments that Kill Your Marriage

More Enigma Than Dogma Arguments that Kill your Marriage by Paul Carter

Good Arguments, Bad Arguments:

“In a marriage there are good arguments and bad arguments” begins Paul Carter in his article, Arguments that Kill your Marriage. “Some arguments are both necessary and helpful. An argument that settles an issue that has been an on-going source of tension is a good argument…

But not every argument is a good argument. Some arguments are unhelpful and some arguments are downright deadly. In my experience the following 4 arguments should be avoided like the plague:

1. Arguments about arguments

Generally speaking, when you find yourself arguing about how you argue its time to seek pastoral or professional counsel. This is a bad road to go down.

Try having a conversation about the agreed upon rules for marital dialogue when you are not engaged in a particular conflict. When you are both in a good…

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We are His Portion And He is our prize…So heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss And my heart turns violently inside my chest I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about…How He loves us #praise#HowHeLovesUs#KimWalkerSmith#JesusCulture God didn’t give you the Holy Spirit to do small things.Lamentations2:19 The Midnight Cry. Pray Enough is enough prayers. Encounter Him, Believe Him for yourself. Pray Bulldozing prayers, acidic prayers, volcanic prayers. A closed mouth is a closed destiny. #pray#SeekTheFather#BeholdTheFather#MidnightCry

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What up peeps. Guess who’s finally showed up. I haven’t been able to blog much because of school but today I finally decided to give myself time off and am here. I have however been rolling up posts from IG to my blog through IFTT. I had an account there but wasn’t using until I... Continue Reading →

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