Star struck.

You guys. What’s up. My Friday is so fly! I’m walking down the street and guess who I see, Mama Kyle (Kiarie) of auntie boss😍😍. So star struck! We make eye contact and she gives me the don’t-alert-people-am-here look. I almost changed my route! A fan almost graduated to stalker 😁😁. If you follow me on Facebook you know I love Auntie Boss. I didn’t get to say hi cos she was on the other lane but boy my Friday 🔥! 

My weekend  has started so good you guys. My dreams feel so achievable now 😁😁😁. I just have to do my thing, and they’ll come walking straight towards me.😛😍

PS. If it ain’t her, must be her twin I can bet twas her. And she looked so good!

Hows your weekend going?

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