Just for Laughs.

Meanwhile in KIAMBU

JOURNALIST: Are you the winner?

WAITITU: Yes I are! the people were spoken

JOURNALIST: But Kambogo says you may have stolen the election!

WAITITU: You journalism sometimes you make me hear like vomiting. Why do you like giving birth to stories?? Kambogo said he was number two and me one. Don’t give me black heart or Sugar! I don’t want to get sugar at this age!!

JOURNALIST: Did kabogo withdraw the case challenging your degree?

WAITITU: I can’t know. Kambogo was at Punjab. I also go to Punjab. So the two of us are aluminiums of Punjab. Can an aluminium doubt another aluminium? Tell me you journalism !

JOURNALIST: So you insist you were at Punjab?

WAITITU: Yes am there. My name and that of kambogo are written in the book of the university aluminiums . You see even yesterday as I looked at the TV news I hear one journalism in the TV say I got degree in 1991 but my passport was gotten in 2001 and then the journalism ask if I swim to India . Then I wonder. Why do you ask questions like that???

JOURNALIST: What did you study at Punjab?

WAITITU: I studied many many things! You know these Indians the way they keep many things in their shops from pipes , mabati,curtains, books and sometimes even medicine is also the same way they teach you many things in their universities( Laughs) they taught me business, literature, journalist, karate, cooking almost everything but they say you have Bachelor of commerce at the end!

JOURNALIST: Thank you mheshimiwa and I wish you all the best!

WAITITU: Welcome but please you journalism stop giving birth to bad stories about me!


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