Transition is a vulnerable place. You’re not completely hooked into your future, but you’re locked out of your past~Bishop TD Jakes
Transition is not fun. It leaves you out in the open, you feel exposed, no longer in your comfort zone. You constantly question yourself whether it’s the right decision, you’re faced with fear. You feel uncomfortable, uncertain and unsure.

This is a good thing. Comfort and convenience run the lives of unsuccessful people. You remember Lot’s wife, it didn’t go well when she looked back at her past. There’s nothing there.

So Today if you want to start a venture, blog, business, writing a book, whatever God has placed in your heart to do, do it. Do it for the life in you. Do it with the knowledge that He who is in you is greater than He who’s in the World.

If you fail, you’ll have gained knowledge, stretched yourself out of your comfort zone and learnt. You may not be where you want to be but you’ll not be where you were either. Wake up, dust yourself and continue but don’t look for the familiarity of the past. To be vulnerable and admit that you still want something after it hasn’t happened is a gift~ Sarah Jakes Robert. After all what will you testify about. So today reach for the stars and know that you are beautiful and you are loved. 😝😍Love the good you and the  not so good you. He is constantly changing us, diamonds from dust. Embrace you. He has a reason why you’re not like so and so and The good Lord who has began a good work in you will be faithful enough to complete it.

Reading: Live Long Strong. Still going to give you that book review, haven’t forgotten.

Listening: To Kutembea nawe ( Walk with you) by Rebekah Dawn. Just discovered her on YouTube 😍😍. Check that song out y’all.

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