Put a Bridle on it.

Today I woke up thinking about vain utterances that we are known to make in passing without really thinking about them and could be grieving the Spirit.

Ngai: The kikuyu name for God, used by everyone, not In reverence for His nature but as an exclamation mark. Ngai wakwa! Ma Ngai! Haki ya Ngai!

 Almost every Kenyan is guilty. Calling God’s name in vain. I mean there’s a commandment not to  do it so it’s pretty much an offence. You don’t need the Holy Spirit to help you quit that habit, you need to put a bridle on your tongue.

Roho Mtakakitu: Mathew 12: 32 Sin against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven. We at times sin unknowingly, unintentionally or due to ignorance (which can lead to death as in Hosea 4:6) we don’t need to add to heap coal on it. Roho Mtakatifu is the Swahili name for the Holy Spirit while Mtakakitu would suggest a Self-servicing conniving Spirit.

Some one will say,” No Sarah, there’s biblical allusion and poetic justice”

Alluding to the Bible, the situations should at least be similar. No where in the Bible is the Holy Ghost depicted as conniving. In the passion of Christ we have Mary consoling Jesus when he was a child. It’s not in the Bible, but it tugs at the heart of parents. That’s poetic justice. I remember how Joseph Prince challenges the Movie Noah , that uses poetic justice, and shows that Noah has three wives!😏

Wallahi Billahi: And because Kenyans are lazy 😁 it  becomes Walai,  then progresses to Walai tena, Haki Walai.  You are either Muslim or Christian. I am not going to dwell on that seeing that it’s a touchy subject.My question is, should you copy the world or should the world copy you?

Mungu mmoja!  “I swear on one God.” James5:12, do not swear, either by the things above or those below. Swearing opens the door to temptation. Just put a bridle on your tongue.

What are some of the habits you need to quit, I know I use Ngai wakwa  a lot. But the Holyspirit convicts us and help us to change. Tune in to the Holy Spirit FM. 

Have a great weekend peeps. Remember to like, follow, and keep up with me on the comment section. What are the words you need to stop using? Let me know below 👇.

God bless.

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