A Heart on Fire!

That when in life’s endless search, whether looking for job or purpose, it finds patience in Him and doesn’t quit.

In the midst of chaos, of storms it trusts Him and is not moved.

In the loss of someone, it can find gratitude in time spent and memories, with no questioning knowing it’s none of it’s business. It’s still beating.

In the midst of strife and disagreements, it seeks to taste and bite back words before utterance.

In sickness, it will  rise from the knowledge that anything that negates longevity of life is not from the Lord.

In trials, to find hope knowing that the testing of faith produces patience and perseverance.

A heart that finds satisfaction in Christ, that will say like Paul,“To live is Christ and to die is gain.”  Not in passing, but mean and feel it.

A heart that breathes in Christ and breathes out Life. 

  1. A heart that bubbles with happiness and contentment.
  2. A heart that can endure as He who lives within endured to the end!
  3. A heart that’s simply on fire!

The song  I’m on fire  by We are The Messengers  really spoke to me from the time it was released. I just love how songs can express one’s desires without knowing them.

They are a band from Norway or Sweden, not really sure but check them out. The above is an excerpt from the song.

Have a good evening y’all and God bless.😍😍


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