Offense:#2 Nursing the offense.

Feeding it your thoughts, assumptions, anger and disappointment makes it mature to a full grown baby called bitterness. Bitterness towards the offender. Bitterness spills out towards other things, situations, and people that are not the cause of the offense such that no one wants to be around you anymore not because they don’t love you but because you’re a pain to be around.

You annihilate yourself from others, you think  you don’t need them. You can make do on your own. Sometimes when people misuse you, that’s a thought to consider. At other times it’s a recipe for disaster, as this opens a door to knowing that the devil walks around looking for someone to devour.

Nursing an offense takes God out of the picture. He is love. It takes you back to the old man. It takes you back to the characters of the old man that Christ bought you from. Remember that you’re a new creation in Christ so love like you have nothing to lose, because you indeed don’t have.

Listening to: I’m on fire by We are The Messengers.

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