I don’t find it funny when my partner complains all the time, over every little mistake. A nagging partner makes me feel inadequate or not good enough for him.

I don’t nag neither do I like it. Some of our partners that whine and whine may not even know they are hurting us with their constant nagging.

Some may not even have a genuine reason for disapproving your choices. They just want to be heard.

I see nagging as a bullying technic. This may sound extreme but if you have a partner that will not stop complaining about your mistakes or the choices you make day in day out, you will definitely know what I’m talking about.

For example, if you shower without stretching out the shower curtain when you’re done, he complains. If you drop a plate in the sink without washing it immediately, complain. Not minding you maybe…

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      1. I am probably not the best person to give advice but I have 250 or so followers.
        *Participate in daily prompts
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        At the end of the day build a rapport with your readers to ensure they come back for more.


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