The Thin Line Between Pride And Greed

Grace and Truth

Yesterday, the Lord set me free, in a way you may not understand nor appreciate.  For a long time, going on FIFTEEN years now, my mind has been bound in a mentality that meant that I couldn’t appreciate true Christianity.  I couldn’t appreciate it, because I didn’t know what it was, and what I had been shown as Christianity by the Jesus Christians, I could not reconcile with much of what the rest of the Christian world believed and practiced.

I was burdened to write a post against the Tent Making Myth that is propagated in Christianity, which is a belief that we are all supposed to hold regular jobs for money (because that is what Paul supposedly did throughout his Apostolic ministry!), and give a tithe to the Church for the ministry of the Gospel.  I have believed contrary to this for a long time, and have wanted…

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