Participators or Spectators.

I still can’t find the toolbar, and it’s bugging me. A lot. Like it doesn’t load and I haven’t changed a thing. Anyway I am going to get right on and hope WP does something because so far they haven’t.

So, spectators or participators? Which category do you fit in right now? There is no room for being spectators in the kingdom of God. We are not to be spectators, in the side lines but to be key players.Mathew11:12 The Kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force. Violence means Spiritual energetic, striving, it means being powerful in faith and not pitiful.

We need to recognize that the Lord will work in us, with us and through us. Participating is more than attending weekly services, praying before bed, because all of us do that, participating is being so united with the Spirit. That our will be in line with His.

In Exodus 17:9, Joshua was sent by Moses to fight the Amalek, while he went up the hill with God’s rod. Their victory was only assured if Moses’ hands were raised continually the whole day. Now that’s tough work, but Aaron and Hur were there to provide support and hold his hands, thus they Israelites prevailed. Participators should hold and encourage their leaders, teamwork is also needed here.

The Lord will do what you cannot do but will not do what you can do; and for Him to do that you have to keep moving. As Joyce Meyer says, the Lord cannot move a parked vehicle.


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