If you don’t believe in something,why spend so much time trying to prove it doesn’t exist? I mean, does it irk you that people actually believe in it? I think maybe you can say,’I don’t believe in that, moving on…’ It does bug you that such a concept/thing exist so as to try to prove it doesn’t or spend all your time trying to prove its nonexistent. Does that even make sense?

For example, I don’t believe in evolution. I can see apes and homo sapiens sapiens. Why did the in between people go? Don’t tell me about nature and natural selection. Why aren’t we evolving anymore? I don’t even spend time trying to prove it’s non-existent as I don’t believe in it. But a person who believes evolution is true is justified to prove it exist or give reasons to support his/her claim. A person who doesn’t believe is justified also, to some extent; but wouldn’t you rather focus on what you believe in?

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on what you don’t believe in without seeming biased, stereotypical, negative or perhaps bitter. Or maybe it’s not. Most times I find it is.

I mean we all believe/don’t believe in somethings. What do you dwell on more, what you believe in or what you don’t? Anyway these are my thoughts this evening.

Reading: Open Heavens
Listening to: Ama be happy by ArchDuke

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