Wazee hukumbuka.

Somehow, I still can’t find the toolbar, but that’s no cause for worry.I’m sure it will emerge sometime. I thought I found it but I didn’t. That is neither here nor there.
Dating? I don’t see much of that going on. Today is a friday and boy I can attest to this. Nothing much here. No introduction to parents and religious leaders, no hanging out first, hence the term,depending, ‘hit and run.’ I have always, to some extent fancied the West African kind of dating. No wonder Kenyan men are complaining that their women are looking to the West, and I don’t blame them.

All I see nowadays are hook ups that lead to situationships(I just made that word up),and I am not judging. Some marriages literally start with, ” go back to where you spent the weekend.” To all my western readers,African parenting is a bit different. I’ve sometimes looked back at some relationship/s and wondered, ‘what was I thinking?’. Because I clearly wasn’t thinking.

My friend texted me the other day and was like what is hook up? I laid it out. Hook up equals netflix and chill equal sex, all thanks to Western entertainment for the slang terms.

I mean if you schooled in a Kenyan high school; you know how we wrote those hook up and big up letters because I ain’t gonna lie, I did write. And it was fun.We were exchanging those letters on weekly basis especially when I was a sophomore and in boarding school.All you had to do is buy envelopes and stamps at the school canteen. Dare you have a phone at school, your bum would live to tell the story, if it survived.

So in a single sex boarding school, hormones everywhere, we’re going to let of some steam. With the testosterone scarcity, we’d wait for the funkies and interschools matches,eeh, mhanyo(flirting),yeah. Kwanza we had a fave male teacher in our class whom we literally told everything, eh them days! And God forbid the teacher on duty decided we were going to be in class the whole day.He/she was going down!

We were a four streamed school, and our class, was a crazy one, I am not going there. To me it seems some people never graduated highschool, I mean that excitement is supposed to wither at some point, isn’t it?

I didn’t mean to post this but somehow I am. Thank God I did not continue with that in my third highschool year. Moreso thank God for Jesus, that was the year He reached out. If I showed you my certificate you would not believe I was once living the life! No cause for alarm people, I am kinda worried of getting hurt so there’s a big wall of Jericho around my heart, I was mostly talk, but I was living it.

Point is, what do you look for in a realtionship. Is it race, tribe, creed or career. Is it values or character, these are so important. Moreover, being a Christian do not yoke to another unequally, because next to salvation nothing is going to impact your life more than your marriage.I wrote about yoking unequally some time ago and some people went berserk! Listen y’all this is my blog/meeting, I’m entitled to my beliefs and opinions and if you cannot have a healthy exchange with me in the comment section and another person’s opinion,Grow up! Moreso do you pray for your spouse wherever he/she is?

Nowadays peeps are hitting the upgrade button when it comes to dating almost like every week, it’s scary. You know how almost every every mathematics genre always refers to Calculus, that’s how your relationships will always refer to your exes, and how many of these can you possibly have?

Today is Friday. Be blessed, be safe and walk in the Lord.

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    1. Our principal paraded all the horny kids she had encountered writing letters,called it the list of shame, and it was so funny so long as you ain’t the one on the list. They were awesome, talk of discovery world!

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  1. Heh. Relationships are interesting, and situationships are a great word. It’s really weird, because I’m in one, but I’m not certain we have a future together, and I’ve been getting matched up with other people through other people, so at the moment I’m kind of talking to three other people, but they’re all much further away geographically and we have not yet physically met. Something’s gotta give, eventually, right? And oh, BTW, this is our secret.

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    1. Of course, this is our secret. Three situationships and none with whom you have met? You must be a good conversationalist. Settle down Jacob, settle down. There is a saying that goes, ‘who wants all, loses all’ If you have not promised to be in an exclusive relationship with anyone , you are in the clear. Anyway, check out this informative series and tell me how you find it whether or not you’re a believer.http://www.kizodanielsblog.com/category/letters-to-mrs-k/


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