Taking Inventory.

This is a new year. Some of us have resolutions, others don’t. It all depends on ones character, which will also determine if they achieve those resolutions come the end of the year.

Do you have spiritual goals that need achieving, goals that you have been yearning to achieve but somehow don’t? As scripture says, what I ought to do, that I do not do, what I ought not to do, that I do: human nature,but you are a new creation now.

So ask yourself, does Jesus approve of:
1.Your lifestyle?
2.Who we hang out with?
3.Choice of entertainment?
4.Dressing code?
5.Do you have a purpose? Are you purposeless and prayerless?

The Holy Spirit will always lead you to question your lifestyles, and some don’t even require His help. What are you still holding on to that leads you to feel miles away from Christ?
What hidden sins, big and small have you not confessed? It’s what we do behind the scenes that affect the annointing we have in public. So acknowledge the Lord’s help in whatever stains you have that require washing, and remember that his mercies are new every morning.

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