The Spirit of Discernment.

The Lord speaks to us, in different ways, and sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t. The Lord will not take the next step until we answer. Samuel was called three times and until he said, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening,” that he received the next instructions. Sometimes we doubt whether it’s the Lord or our own voices, needs or ambitions waking us up. Do I know how you’ll know it’s the Lord? No, I could probably direct you; Later.

In 1st Kings 13, a prophet of the Lord prophesied to an altar in the presence of King Jeroboam; a child king shall be born, Josiah who shall sacrifice all the kings of the high places and as a sign the altar shall split into two and ashes shall pour out. Which happened. Now Jeroboam invited him into his house which he declined, seeing that the Lord had warned him against eating or drinking in that place, or returning the same way he came.

Now he went his way. An old prophet heard about it and went after him and lied to him that the Lord had spoken and told him that he should drink, and eat at his house. He did and on finishing his meal, the old prophet prophesied unto him that he shall surely die, and his corpse shall not come to the tomb of his fathers. Long story short, he was mauled by a lion and died on his way back.

You may ask yourself, why did the old prophet deceive the young one, only for the Lord to prophesy through him? The young prophet obeyed the Lord’s orders in King Jeroboam’s instance, surely a kings gifts are more precious and much more than those of an old prophet? Why obey then when he could have accepted the rewards or half the house of the King, and then disobey at mere bread and water?

It is because he had been sent to prophesy against Jeroboam and his idolatry so he already perceived him as the villain. He went back at the old prophets lies because c’mon, he is a prophet, he won’t lie and the journey to Judah is long. But he did, the old prophet claimed that an angel of the Lord spoke to him. Now the young prophet was speaking to God on a first term basis, not through an angel, now he places more importance on the utterance of a said angel. Thus he died not at his appointed time, he missed his destiny, he could not discern the Spirit of truth from that of lies.

A lot of times we meet other people, we try to preach unto them, and they stop us with the phrase, ‘I am saved.’ Whether or not that’s the case is besides the point, for we shall know them by their fruits. We start digging deep into scriptures, telling our salvation experiences etcetera. My point is, while most people willbe more concerned about being unequally yoked, not all Christians will be for your progress. Be careful, for even fellow saved Christians can make you miss a mark. Pray for the Spirit of Discernment and guard your salvation jealously.

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