I’m not having a good day, so I am going to watch a lot of YouTube videos thus I don’t think about anything as  YouTubers talk non-stop, which is what they should do. I am off for the Holidays very soon so I might be off the radar with limited postings so, Good evening.

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  1. Dear Sarah, I have been reading your blog and trying to understand your “not having a good day.” May I ask, who is controlling your day?:)
    This is not to question who you are, but to encourage you to think of the one that you speak of here on your blog. I was looking for something that you had written. Could you write about how you are feeling today in light of your relationship with the Lord Jesus?
    I have a free eBook on Amazon. (See following link.) It is a short book, but has a lot in it to think about. First Things That Last Forever could take up some of your time, and perhaps engage your heart and help you write. I would love to read how He is working in your heart.
    My blog is packed with six years of His grace working in me. I pray that with time to spare, you find something that is profitable for you, even if is on YouTube.
    If you know Christ, then you are blessed.
    I will pray for you while you are off the radar for the holidays.
    The Lord bless and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you, and give you peace. ~ Fran

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    1. Amen Fran, Amen. Yeah He is refining me I believe, I will be three years old in salvation this Christmas and I am really looking to review how it has been. Today has been one of those days when something really challenges your capabilities and we all have those days but we are more than conquerors through Him that has called us into His marvelous light.Yeah, Youtube inspires my creativity and enriches my praise and worship playlist which I play at the start of every day.Thank you for keeping me in prayers as I do reaaallly need that. Thanks also for your book, I am downloading books to keep me busy on the Holidays and will read yours too.God bless you and goodnight.

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