Wild Flowers.

wild flowers.jpg

Hello guys, been long right?  You probably even forgot how bad I write lol. Anyways Safaricom won’t tell me how much of my storo bonus is remaining and I really want to shikisha storo, fraudsters! I have a long list of calls that I need to make, that said I hope I can know what remains of my bonus airtime.

So you have been praying for a change, of a situation, person, and one, two months or years passing and nothing, no change. Nada.

God’s thoughts are so far above ours Isaiah 55:8-9 and an year to Him is like a day.2Peter3:8-9.

Be patient in waiting upon the Lord because He isn’t slow in fulfillig His promises, sometimes He withholds them for our benefit like you would withhold a knife or fork from a toddler because he wants to mend his toy, until the appropriate time.

Today I am hopeful because what I have prayed for for so long has signs of fruition. Like little snow flakes in the beginning of winter or a little flower in the beginning  of summer that leads to a lot of snow and blooming fields of  vibrant wild flowers. I claim my miracle and blessing in Jesus’ Name and it will be permanent. There’s hope in every situation because our Saviour conquered death.

Sometimes we may yearn for a love, a soulmate, a deep connection, some one who really gets us. We find that person. We marry the person, We face life with the person, a short trip life is.And  what better way to show love than to interceed for them.https://nderisarahwordpresscom.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/love/

As I was thinking about this, In my heart, a song started singing The Maker by Chris August, that I love The maker and The Maker loves me.  His love is like a mighty fire inside my bones. Yes He loves, created me, bought my rebellious sinful self with His blood and became my righteousness, He forgives me daily, comforts me, and talks to me through His Word. In His Word I take refuge, comfort and love, when I am strong, sinful, weak, judgemental, He loves me no less. There’s no perfect love like this, that God would sacrifice His son for me and you.

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Goodnight and God bless.

Reading: Isaiah 1

Listening to: Wanifanya ning’are by Christina Shusho


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