You see broken, He sees Mended.

So you are from a broken family  or going through the travails of life, or from a family that looks so lost and torn, that doesn’t define you. Our troubles don’t define us. Today I was listening to Family Radio 316 and they were speaking about the genealogy of Jesus as presented by Mathew the disciple. While genealogies in Israel were patrilineal, Mathew goes against that and mentions 4 women in that genealogy; Ruth Bathsheba,Tamar and Mary.

Now we all know Bathsheba’s story, Mathew doesn’t mention her name and refers to her as Uriah’s wife. The story of Tamar is that of rape, and she did bear Judah Perez and Zerah who are in Jesus’s genealogy. Ruth was a gentile and has an entire book in the Bible. Jews and Gentiles didn’t quite see eye to eye plus the moabites were enemies.  Mary conceived immaculately and Joseph planned secretly to leave her until God  spoke to Him in a vision.

God is not  a respector of persons, come as you are, take your position in His kingdom, lay hold of your destiny. A lot of times we question why God allowed etc to happen, why don’t we see that He can reverse any situation? If He doesn’t take us out of it, He’ll take us through it and we’ll emerge stronger moulded to do  what He has designed, and we’ll look back and wonder how we managed, or survived because our father delights in helping us.

Listening: To This is living Hillsong Young and Free ft Lecrae.

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