200+ Followers and more.

200+ Followers

Hello good people, I don’t even know the last time I published a post but the good news is that my stats are good, and the family  has increased to 204. Yes, I thank every one for their love who supported me from the beginning and still does, those who joined us  in the journey. I am going to mention a few who have had tremendous influence in this growth and whom this blog shares more than follows, a connection.

  1. Nitin. He writes so well, his writings are vivid.http://tinytidbits.in/
  2. ANM7. My brother in this race.https://andnowmiguel.wordpress.com/
  3. SumitOfficial. He has an air of maturity around him, multitalented and versatile https://sumitofficial.wordpress.com/
  4. Mahesh Mali
  5. Annwjwhite
  6. Kizo Daniels
  7. JoAnna
  8. Noor Elhayat. Who has since disappeared from my reader for one reason or  another.
  9. Lucky Mwachi
  10. CezaneConnects ( I don’t know if I got that right)
  11. Unashamed of Jesus

The list could go on and don’t take offense my not mentioning you. Give yourself a thumbs up because you are awesome, loved and appreciated.


I have the best sister I could have ever asked for and she graduated, Bachelor of arts Communications and Journalism with IT, finally.


Beauty, with brains huh. That explains much of my absense which might continue as I have my end of year exams then afterwards am off for the holidays.


Yeah that was my weekend, well my Thursday to Saturday,.I will try to keep up with all your posts.God bless you.

Reading: Psalms127

Listening: To Phil Wickham, This is amazing Grace






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