The Bible Through the Ages

This is remarkable.

Musings of an introvert

The voice of the swallow speaks and says:

“The land has brightened-What is thy road?”

Though shalt not,O bird, disturb me!

I have found my brother in his bed,

and my heart is still more glad,

[When he] said to me: ” I shall not go far off.

My hand is in thy hand. I shall stroll about,

And I shall be with thee in every pleasant place.”

He makes me the foremost of maidens:

He injures not my heart.

Egyptian love poem.

Hi lovely people, I believe you’ve been good and good tidings flow your way. I thought to tell you about a book im reading.My current read is The Biblethrough the Ages. This book sweeps in scope,is alive with fascinating information and incisive commentary. It seeks to present an unparalleled look on most works of man as well as the breadth and beauty of the Bible’s message…

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