Taking Stock 3.

Currently: Sipping warm water, listening to some great music as I go through my reader and read post, reblog and posts new. I have been doing  much reblogging as I want my followers to get to see what I am reading and discover.

Reading: Econ Stat, Econ Stat, economics and statistics all through as exams are fast approaching. I haven’t heard time to read a novel as time is limited nowadays.

Planning: To read the Bible book by book as  you journey with me through Genesis to Revelations. It will be a very  educative and interactive series as we learn from each book and how it applies to our lives.

Playing:  Amnesia( wake me up) and Burn by Group 1 Crew. This music just delights my soul.

Spotting: A very annoying pimple justs above my left eye, and its very stubborn.aargh

Never: Been so clear minded in my 20 years under the sun than I am right now. I feel I can solve the hardest of problems( insert laughing and rolling my eyes). I have recently realised that is God the Alpha and the Omega, and what that means, not in passing but the reality of it all. No one can really understand God and when you do, He’ll cease to be God. As the earth is far from the heavens is our thoughts from His. Moses wanted to know Him, and God told Him He is ” I am.” I mean does that really answer him? I know I would still ask again, but that’s God, incomprehensible yet knowable.



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