The ultimate guide to the world of pretty girls!



Well yes! You are right it’s about all the pretty girls in the world. I know it’s so unlikely to relate sympathy or empathy words to those beautiful short skirt cladding pixie cut girls but trust me they are human too not exactly a blood sucking aristocratic vamp like you think.. Like they are seriously assumed to be associated with some secret satanic cult whose only job is to bash books and specs holding poor nerd’s apart from their full time job of trapping rich and successful guys. All thanks to movies like ‘Mean Girls’ , ‘Easy A’, ‘Clueless ‘ and so on (I know! I know! These are all mass hits.) So, I just thought that plastic(assumed! Hah!) also deserve a chance.
Being skinny and flawless takes dealing with lot of rumors and perceptions. People would talk about you all the time. There are only two types of girls…

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