Oh I need to come my nerves

my thoughts are everywhere

racing through my mind

triggering so many emotions

impulses, and yes, I toss and turn

tilt my head, rack my hair

So I take out this pencil and

jolt down whatever flows out

of the mess

I give life to this pencil through

words in order to bring order to



Chaos created by my heart

When it sent triggers to my body

My body to the world to err

just to feel

Chaos created by being comfortable

in the position I am in

But not accepting it.

Chaos  brought by my inadequacy

To serve the Lord fully

running after the world but

still not belonging.


Chaos brought by not feeling

good enough with my writing

poems, stories, narrations, lie

in the pages of a black book

long forsaken,  like ancient

writings on a book shelf.

Writings carresed by the recipient

of the words as they speak

to her turbulent heart.



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