I barely have time to catch a movie nowadays. I don’t remember the feeling of being idle. Days are moving so fast I don’t have time to catch my breath. Very soon I’ll  be a grandmother( I think).  I have a movie collection that I watch an episode a day, then I go imagining what could have happened afterwards as I can’t watch more.

I am not complaining, but I have vowed not to let my blog suffer because life’s got me busy.I am so tired at the end of the day, I yawn and before am done I yawn again. In 10 minutes I have written this post, brushed my hair, done my make up (if you can call it that) and made my bed.

My to do list doesn’t get shorter, if anything, it gets longer. I sometimes get road rage because I don’t if you notices but some of us are pretty busy so if you can wheel yourself out of the way and stop driving like that? Or you can stop the hand holding, we know you’re in love…

This fast paced life can wreck my health I know but I’ll try to slow down, too many comitments though that I hardly post anything on my social media pages except for Word Press post that roll over there.

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