The lonely, dusty roads…

While I do have people I have cut out as those relationships have deemed detrimental to my well being, this is a must read.

Shattered in Him

Have you ever been on the receiving end of the silent treatment or even ignored and wondered why it caused such an emotional sting?  Science is now able to tell us; the chemical reactions that occur in the brain when feeling rejected, ignored, lonely, or on the receiving end of a silent treatment are the same chemical signals the brain sends off when in physical pain.  Basically, it is like having a broken arm or a bruise that you cannot see, depending on the degree to which one is ignored and experiencing loneliness.  Professional therapists even go so far as to call the silent treatment and certain forms of rejection emotional abuse because the effects of it, while unseen, are just as damaging as being hit, if not more so.

The Greek word for ‘rejection’ is atheteó which means quite plainly, in one context, ‘ignored’.  The Greek word for ‘lonely’ is

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