King of the World.

I tried to fit you

In the walls  inside my mind

I tried to keep you safely

In between the lines

I tried to put you

In the box that I’ve designed

I tried to pull you down

So we are eye to eye.


When did I forget that you’ve always been

the King of the world

I tried to take life back right out

Of the hands of the King of the world

How could I make you so small

When you are the one who holds it all?

How could I forget that you’ll always been

the King of the world?

2 thoughts on “King of the World.

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  1. A king, you say? A king?
    But t’was not what he wanted.
    Not what he felt in times dangerous.
    His words, written and changed over
    Centuries of change by white men,
    Dreamers of their wealth, still, not a king he.
    A heart, he was a heart, a voice
    For those beaten down by the
    Sword that followed the Romans
    Beating through the sheafs of wheat
    Stealing anything not nailed down
    from them that had little voice.
    No, he wanted not to be king,
    His father was king,
    He wanted justice, not revenge,
    but tolerance, food for the very
    Souls created by his father.
    He didn’t want to be a hero,
    He was a teacher, a friend,
    A priest, a student, and when some
    speak in tiny whispers, they say
    He was a husband who wanted
    A place for children to grow and play.
    No, not a king, but your path, your follower
    and your protector. Believe or not,
    Your life is better now for his.
    Trust or not, your life is fuller now for his.
    Be a king, you say, but he would rather deal
    In heaven’s currency than the greed that
    Fills society’s eyes and rich man’s pockets.
    Not a king, not he. A heart, pure, learned,
    Growing, caring, sacrificing for all.

    Ann White @2016 Ann’s Eyes,

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    1. Kudos Ann, How’s your health, These are lyrics to a song that’s playing in my mind even when I’m reading.
      Yes a King I do say,
      Rode triumphantly into Jerusalem
      For you and I
      He was the Word
      And the Word was with God
      And the Word was God
      And the word was made flesh
      And we beheld the glory Of the father.
      But alas rejected by all He healed,
      Mocked by all He taught,
      But the stone that
      The builders rejected
      Has become the chief cornerstone.
      Precious to the believers
      A stumbling block
      to the disobedient.


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