PMS. (Women Only)

PMS.jpgYou are ovulating and its two weeks to TOM ( Time  Of  the Month). Life sucks , you’ve got no inspiration. You are very irritable and on edge.Everything hurts, back, head,feet, neck muscles, cramping. Life’s basically not worth it at this time. You need to:

  1. Lay off the caffeine: It worsens the symptoms for longer. For example abnormal sleeping hours, insomnia plus increase your irritability levels which are already high.
  2. Exercise: Exercise will increase your blood circulation and help reduce headaches which can become  unbearable. Headaches are due to fluctuating hormones.
  3. Lemons: There is too much androgen production at this stage which can lead to acne breakouts. Lemons act as anti-oxidants which will  help reduce your being prone to acne due to lots of carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates increase insulin production, thus a high amount of hormones.
  4. Take  lots of water: And avoid  lots of salt intake as that will result to water retention in the body, thus the breast tenderness can continue for an awful period of time.

Look out for:

  1.  Increased Libido: Testosterone levels have kicked up and people are likely to cheat( we bind that IJN)
  2. Hyper Activity: You’ll find that you are more active with very high energy. Your hormones got you all turned up. You are so effective at this time and also outgoing and flirtatious.
  3. Increased senses: Your sense of smell, taste and hearing are so high than normal right now. Your memory is sharp and your eloquence is increased. Thanks to Testesterone and androgens you are more alert and faster on your feet.

So PMS is not so bad after all huh? Goodnight.


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