Now that we are talking…


Today I went to an eat out to have some tea and the lady said I looked so young  with my hair undone she almost couldn’t recognise me.She said, ” You look like you just did your KCPE.” That means I look like am fourteen years old. Six years younger. Makes me want to just stay natural and not add extensions to my hair. Who wants to age? We all want to postpone aging, chase it away right?

PMS. Premenstrual problems. Yeah I know guys will be like,”there she goes  with uteruses.” But the struggle is real. Mood swings, tender breast,depression, fatigue, nausea, irritability, sleep disorder, bloating, headaches, foot ache; the aches are endless. I’m  here sipping coffee adding to my list of insomnia causes. Nowadays I’m a night  owl, one has to make good of every situation.

I don’t think PMS is given much attention. To some, every month feels like we are pregnant, and that sucks (no offense). There isn’t much scientific information about it other than fluctuations in hormones. More attention needs to be given to it,in my opinion as the levels of depression can be suicidal to some people depending on the seriousness of their case.


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