Dry bones.


Son of man, can these bones live?

I sing all  the time, minister  unto myself; in the morning as I start the day, in the evening as I end it. But I have lost it, lost all the will to fellowship with brethren. Apart from Sundays, I don’t attend much of anything nowadays. It’s a dangerous route this one, and the knowledge of this haunts this, not doing anything scares me . The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak, unwilling just there.

Christians who grow weary might as well remember that their victory is won, is theirs but what do we do that knowledge? We can’t conjure inspiration or spiritual strength and that’s  where you come in. Not in judgement that she must have fallen as she lost psyche, or with despising them as a weaker vessel but with fervent intercession.

Which brings to Ezekiel and the valley of dry bones. Ezekiel37:1-14

The Hebrew word for Ezekiel is spirit or wind. He came into a valley of dry bones, and the Lord told him to prophesy life unto them, which he did. The bones rattled and came to being, tendons, bone and flesh appeared on them, the  Lord commanded the four winds to blow life into the slain and they became alive.

Then the Lord said unto Ezekiel, Israel says that their bones are dried up and their hope is gone, prophesy unto them and tell them that I will open thir graves and bring them up from the graves. I will pour my spirit in them and they will live, and I will settle them in their own land then you will know that I the Lord has done it.

Reading: Ezekiel 37.

Listening:To dry bones by Lauren Daigle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7PUW1olxx8 Lauren says that we should call out to dry bones to come alive by interceeding for them. Above all the ashes let us see an army rise.

How I will get myself from the ashes(scratch that), how the Lord will breathe his Spirit in me, I don’t know but my bones will come to life and I nullify all works of the powers of darkness in the heavenlies against  my soul in Jesus’ name because before it manifested in earth, it  already manifested  in the heavenlies. Remember me in your prayers and call out all the dry bones anywhere  come alive.



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  1. Reach out to one in need, freely with no conditions. Then remember the footsteps of Jesus who did the same thing. An orange to a starving child is more powerful than a greedy person keeping all away from the world. Blessed are those who give, for the gift they give shall be glorified before good.

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