Who is your real friend???

Romy Ras Certified Life Coach

I believe that for believers friends come from God and that everybody needs a good friend. To determine what a good friend is, who better to get wisdom from then God?

The bible is the book of life and we should use the wisdom of God in all areas of our lifes. Meaning we should also use it to determine who our good friends are. So Let’s take a look at what a real friend is according to the bible.

The bible says that a real friend sticks closer than a brother and that open rebuke from a friend is better than hidden love. That wounds from a friend can be trusted however an enemy will multiply kisses. Proverbs 18:24 and 27:5-6 it also says a friend should be reliable because an unreliable person will help you to ruin.

So there needs to be a close relationship, closer than you…

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