Have you ever loved someone so much, such that in that instance you want to give them a gift or something to quantify that love? And then it dawns on  you that the best you can  do is pray for them; not in passing, but interceed.  All Christians have the role of intercession, but not all have the gift.

I just got off the phone and that happened. Maybe it’s a trigger to interceed. I think the best thing you can do for someone is interceed, fervently.  When it comes to my siblings and parents, I think  I worry too much. What will happen, will he be bullied in school? Is he/she okay? Did I say something wrong? Am I a good sibling? Could I be better? Are they safe? I don’t think I’ll love anyone more than I love them, though they are different forms of love.

I’m very overprotective of them.  I used to worry to a point of being anxious but I have learnt to take it to the Lord in prayer.

I realised that sometimes we think we know what we want and pray for that, but God knows what we require more than we do. And sometimes what we need and require is not what we pray for.

In such instances My prayer is that the Lord’s will be done upon their lives and that the blood of Jesus will speak on their behalf. That pretty sums everything up I suppose.


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