Blogger Obsession:Why I blog.


I recently stumbled upon a Fashion blog. That blog propelled the blogger to greater heights as she’s now modelling for Vogue blah blah blah. What caught my eye however is a comment about how the owner of the comment was tired of  the blogger obssession and was I thought, ” Why are you here?” ( input rolling my eyes).

So why  do you blog? Is it a passion? Did you think you should do it as everyone else is doing it? Does it calm you, inspire you? Do you take pride in knowing you have created something of your own on your own? It’s your work. You own it.

When I was growing up, upto and including the age 14, I was the best creative writer. My parents were so proud especially my mom when my work was read in Her school(she is a teacher). However that dwindled away  with entry into highschool and adolescence. I read but didn’t write much.

Blogging helps me work at my creativity while reading novels and other people’s works. While I don’t post any of the creativity works that I have, I always carry a pencil, eraser, and a notebook to jolt down ideas before they fade away.Blogging helps  me set and.lap

achieve milestones. So far so good. I blog because I love poetry, music, literature, fashion and good food; but mostly music and literature. My dad and I finish each other’s sentences with poetry rhymes. I take after my dad. We enjoy doing the same things, which is great after all the apple doesn’t fall  away from the tree. I love him so much.

Lastly, I blog because; Psalms 40:10

I have not hidden Your righteousness within my heart; I have declared Your faithfulness and Your salvation; I have not concealed your lovingkindness and Your truth from the great assembly.

Yeah, to spread the Word.

Photo Credits: Google.

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