Taking Stock 2.

I have been so busy  nowadays but that’s life. It happens.

Reading. I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou. I have always seen this book being referenced and I finally started reading it. So far so good.

Rocking: Twist outs. I love this colour. It’s a seductive shade of brown/bronze. My hair is  a bit soft so I don’t know how long they’ll last but I love them anywayz.

Playing: Breathe by Johnny Diaz and Matter by Luke and Joel Smallbone (For King and Country). Off late I’m always playing their music.

Wanting: To buy the romantic series called Manga. To lighten my spirits after a long week. It’s Korean, and you know how I am obsessing about their series off late.

School: I school at Egerton University. I’m in my third year and Economics and Statistics is what takes me away from literature/reading/music.

Spotting: A new anklet. It’s gold, shiny and superb. It brightens my day. I got myself a new pendant too.XXX

Fighting: The urge to scratch an itch on my toes.

Pledging: To grow my blog, instagram and my reading. I recently joined a bookclub. I wanr  to connect more with my followers more.

Hoping: For a better time this last quarter of the year and that I achieve some milestones.

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  1. You should put a link to your instagram. I read posts in the reader on the mobile app so it would be handy to click right here. (I did go out of the app and used my browser but didn’t find a link on your blog either… or maybe I didn’t look well enough?). X

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