Chris Brown was here in Kenya and broke a girl’s phone(infinix) when she requested for a selfie at the airport, and Kenyans were seriously tweeting that he should be deported. This comes after another musician, Kofi Olomide was deported after assaulting one of his dancers, that kenyans cried for his deportation on twitter. He was deported and his show cancelled whose tickets were totally sold out, and management complained of the huge financial losses.

The internet exploded, first because the phone is  made in China, and Kenyans make fun of all things China made, and secondly  they thought it was harsh and extreme, having bodyguards and all.

Whilst I stopped listening to him at the age of 12, and I agree he has rights and maybe the fan was overstepping, this is a guy who has had so many assault cases, and beat Rihhana black and blue.That video was all over and, aargh I really don’t care, Anywho fellow esteemed bloggers, as you climb up the ladder, don’t get swallowed by fame, pride,success and forget who built you; because your followers/fans gave you  an ear as they were of the opinion you had content.

Also, when you visit Kenya, Kenyans could break you and unearth secrets that only you and God/devil, depending,… knows. Just behave. Kenyans on Twitter will roast you alive, whether you are the president, vice, Chief Justice or even CNN. They’ll even call for your arrest, ask Mohammed Alfayo; and arrested  you’ll be.

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