Wednesday Inspiration.



*In case you were wondering, this is the face behind this blog*

Somehow I forgot how to write Wednesday, Crazy right?

We are human beings and sometimes we feel dull, down and bogged down. While being mortivated is key, we cant conjure mortivation or inspiration.inspiration

Here’s what I do to renew mortivation and find Inspiration.

1. Wake up early. Pray. Yes, I find that when I wake up early I have so much energy and accomplish so many things, normally I’ll wake up at 3:30 am or 3:00 am. I find I understand more in the morning and am much more creative then.  My course has plenty mathematics so understanding is key. Prayer; when I am taking a shower, I’ll have a gospel playlist. I love praising in the morning and reading the Bible after I wake up though I check my emails and Instagram before that lol.

2. Family Radio 316. I almost only listen to family radio 316, that’s how I update my gospel playlist. I love the testimonies, songs and how Pastor James says,’ Stop thinking outside the box, think outside the patterns of this world.’

3. Reading a book.  I finished Missing Miss Mori and the Five Star Affair, now I could use some recommendations. Anyone?

4. Ellen Degeneres. When I am down, I just log into YouTube and remind myself there are still good people with king hearts in the world plus she’s so funny. She should also air in Kenya or something because her show doesn’t air in Africa. She is a dose of fresh air.ellen

5. Taking a Walk. This is how most my days end. I take a long walk, more than 30 minutes. Mostly I window shop in town; supermarkets, malls, boutiques or just any where. I explore new places and it’s fun. I walk alone as it gives me time to think plus I walk first and have little patience in waiting for anyone or engaging in small talk as that will disturb my train of thoughts.

6. Rearranging furniture and redecorating. When I have zilch inspiration, this is what I do.

7. Bongo and Taarab. I have told you so many times of my three loves, bongo,  taarab and afropop music, yeah they get to me.

8.Bright Nail Polish. Yeah. This will brighten your life immensely.This is what I’m spotting and I love it.luron

9.Nap. A long nap followed by a long shower and coffee/ sour porridge with limes.

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