When will I learn To let it all go knowing that victory Is mine. Is already won. All I need is to let go Get lost in your arms In your love In your infinite goodness To fall on you When I cannot stand?



Oh how curvy Are her contours And curvy the image he sees Like mirages Lips trembling Words failing Throat chocking He falls on his knees For only they Knows what he goes through Ask his shoes They seen it all.


I cannot say Why it feels like this Bleak, empty, hollow but with cracks Bandage it, it comes back not Cast it, it remains broken Cracked Scars of something that was Whole.

Sheng-yu’s Lament (after Mei Yao-ch’en)

O at the Edges


Sheng-yu’s Lament (after Mei Yao-ch’en)

First heaven took my wife,
and now, my son.
These eyes will never dry
and my heart slowly turns to ash.
Rain seeps far into the earth
like a pearl dropped into the sea.
Swim deep and you’ll see the pearl,
dig in the earth and you’ll find water.
But when people return to the source,
we know they’re gone forever.
I touch my empty chest and ask, who
is that withered ghost in the mirror?

* * *

“Sheng-yu’s Lament” is included in my micro-chapbook, No Eye But The Moon’s, available via free download at Origami Poems Project.

The transliteration on reads:

Heaven already take my wife
Again again take my son
Two eyes although not dry
(Disc) heart will want die
Rain fall enter earth in
Pearl sink enter sea deep
Enter sea can seek pearl
Dig earth can see…

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Holiness is Christ in me.

Who is your real friend???

Romy Ras Certified Life Coach

I believe that for believers friends come from God and that everybody needs a good friend. To determine what a good friend is, who better to get wisdom from then God?

The bible is the book of life and we should use the wisdom of God in all areas of our lifes. Meaning we should also use it to determine who our good friends are. So Let’s take a look at what a real friend is according to the bible.

The bible says that a real friend sticks closer than a brother and that open rebuke from a friend is better than hidden love. That wounds from a friend can be trusted however an enemy will multiply kisses. Proverbs 18:24 and 27:5-6 it also says a friend should be reliable because an unreliable person will help you to ruin.

So there needs to be a close relationship, closer than you…

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Have you ever loved someone so much, such that in that instance you want to give them a gift or something to quantify that love? And then it dawns on  you that the best you can  do is pray for them; not in passing, but interceed.  All Christians have the role of intercession, but not... Continue Reading →

Update: Wasoma Chini ya Maji.

Sometimes I look at my readers( stats) and nowadays I have so many Kenyan readers, only I only know two  who read my work, Cezane and Lucky. Hao wengine wasoma chini ya maji bana. Hawajitokezi angalau waunge mkono au wapinge, wakatae abadan katan na maoni yangu. Lakini wako, wasoma. Ama ni kana kwamba bado sijaiva... Continue Reading →

When You’re Too Quick To Dismiss That Guy: You Can’t See What God Is Doing

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Sometimes I’ll look at a dude and instantly judge him — “There’s no hope for that guy in a million years” — and I have to slap myself, because I was that same guy a million years ago.

I think it’s easy for us to throw around labels like “lost cause” and “damaged goods” and “bad for business” because we’re just lazy. It allows us to sit back and judge from a distance. It’s easy to like people who are likable, but really dang hard to get involved with emotionally draining drama queens.

Everyone loves the idea of compassion until it costs them.

I tend to time-stamp someone on how they used to be, because it’s more comfortable for me to presume “at least I’m better than that guy.” It physically bothers me to think this person could change. How could everyone like him now? I want to say things…

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