The Good Of the Land.

Migrating to another country is fine. You are promoted to a better job and they send you overseas and you move to that country single or with family where the pastures are greener and HALLELUJAH! Yeah, you have made it in life brother.

However, never, in my opinion feel  or let anyone pressure you to immigrate when your heart is not into it or there’s no legal way to do that. Never allow someone to intimidate because you are in a third world country. You maybe  from a third world country but doing much better than that other person in wherever. Sorry to those who immigrate due to war in their countries, or some other mayhem. I love Kenya, and if by God’s grace I do move out, I want it to be in His plans.

Jehovah tells me that I will not die young but will live to declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. That I shall eat the good of the land, He doesn’t say  that the good of the land is in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, US or Europe. No. He says the good of the land. If for any reason He decides that the good of the land  for me is in Kenya, US or UK for me then that’s where I will be enjoying it. And that fellow bloggers was what has been in my mind all day.

Goodnight and God Bless.


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