Out of the Nest.


When you are eighteen, and have moved out of your parents house because it’s the norm or because you are in campus, you are on your road to discovery. Discovering yourself.  Whichever city/town/county/country you move into, you’ll  feel so free and so excited to explore.

One of the things in my opinion, you’ll explore and discover is yourself. Out of your parents nest, you’ll discover your strengths, talents, weak areas etc.  You’ll discover in some cases that your mother was right.

One of the things that I discovered for instance that my relationship with God became better when I moved out. I come from a Christian family, yes, but  at home I pretty much had no time for God. Between chores, homework, Tv, Music, Games, friends, God was my exclamation when I was about to trip. I did remember Him on Sundays and when doing the dishes though,  I like having some gospel music in the background.

So now you’ve moved out and have a to-do list of how to make it in life. You have got it all figured out. What I would love to tell you is; you may or maynot get that breakthrough at that time. Don’t ever compare yourself to someone because you’ll end up discontented, discouraged, and emotionally bogged down thinking something is very wrong with you that’s why you ain’t ‘there’ yet. They are there because their time was ripe and God had ordained it to be so.

Time and Chance happens to everyone. Your time will come. It’s probably yet because you need to discover yourself, learn some lessons, grow or connect with your God-ordained destiny helper. The fruits are not yet ripe, don’t seek to eat them bitter. God is a  God of time, place and order.


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